To Fulfill a Dream


by Rita Klundt
My daughter Aimee’s dream of riding The Teacups at Disney World was big, especially for a five-year old. All that was needed to fulfill her dream was a mother who was willing to provide her time, use of a credit card, a ride from Central Illinois to Central Florida and, of course, a God who provided for her mother.

Her first teacup ride became all about capturing the perfect photo. Her second teacup ride was to be simply for fun, but as it turned out, her idea of fun was to be in control of the wheel. Aimee was barely tall enough to keep her bottom in the seat and hold the wheel. Her skinny little arms could not cause the teacup to spin. She cried.

“One more ride Aimee. Let me pick the teacup this time. I’ll find one that you can spin.”

Her older brother, Rob, had bigger rides in mind, but whenever one of his sisters cried, he folded. While we waited in line, listening to the maddening music for the third time, Rob gave Paula (the often forgotten middle child) and me a wink and a nod. We knew he had a plan.

Aimee was still wiping tears. It’s a hard thing – finding out your dream was not worth the time spent dreaming.

Rob tested several teapots before deciding.

“This is it. This one has been oiled recently. Give it a try, Aimee. Make sure you can turn the wheel?”

Aimee grabbed the wheel and the teacup turned with little effort on her part. She used the hem of her shirt to wipe away her last tear.

The platform began to turn. Our teacup began to spin. Slowly at first. The obnoxious music seemed to get louder, and our teacup began to spin faster. Our hair blew in our faces. Paula raised her hands and her body swayed with each revolution. Aimee did have biceps and they were bulging.

Rob pressed one hand to his abdomen and moaned – loud enough that neighboring teacups could hear. His other hand remained hidden on the bottom side of the wheel.

“You can slow down now, Aimee. My stomach is feeling funny.”

“Noooo! This is too much fun!”

Paula, now with only one hand in the air, called out, “Faster!”

Aimee was working every muscle in her body, laughing and giving us the ride of her life. None of us wanted it to stop. The music, maybe. The spinning and Aimee’s thrill, no.

“We went faster than any of the other teacups, didn’t we Mom?”

Aimee’s feet couldn’t take her in a straight line, but she was smiling.

“Yes we did. We sure did.”

I decided Rob would be the one to choose our next ride, and promised we would return, at the end of the day, for one more exciting ride on The Teacups.

Read: 1 Corinthians 13:8-11
1. Have you ever dreamed a dream that turned out not to be worth dreaming?
2. Is there someone you can thank for giving one of your dreams a helping hand?
3. Have you set a new goal or dreamed a new dream lately?

Lord, I want to be obedient, even in my dreams and aspirations. Show me where my dreams are childish or selfish. Point me in the direction where I can show charity and be part of fulfilling another person’s dream today. Amen.

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Strong and Courageous

by Kathy Stanford

Welcome to Wet Feet. It is my prayer that this will be a place of honesty and truth, based on God’s word, where readers will be encouraged in their faith and daily life. It’s been a two year journey to the posting of this first blog entry and as I pondered a name for this blog, God led me to the story of the Israelite’s crossing into the promised land, in Joshua chapters 1-4.

Moses had just died and Joshua had been handed the leadership of Israel. While the scripture doesn’t come right out and say it, I think we can infer that he was a little apprehensive about his new responsibility. Three times in God’s first instructions to Joshua, He tells him to be strong and courageous. (Josh 1:6,7,9) But just in case he still had doubts, God used Joshua’s military leaders to speak the same words to him in Josh 1:18, confirming one more time, His call to Joshua.

Like Joshua, I needed to hear the words several times. I WANTED to be strong and courageous, but a million fears and doubts kept shouting over that quiet voice of truth. Thankfully God is faithful, even when we are not, and He finally drowned out the confusion and fear that plagued my faithless heart. He even used a dear friend’s unexpected note and gift of a journal to confirm “one more time” His call to me.

I want to share some of my personal insights from Joshua chapters 3 & 4, where I found several parallels to my own journey. But I sincerely hope you will find the time to read the scriptures for yourself and hear what God is saying to you.

Josh 3:13 tells us that first they had to get their feet wet. Obedience isn’t passive. No matter how much I wanted to be obedient, I wasn’t – until I took action. However, acting in obedience doesn’t mean it will be easy. We see in Josh 3:15 that the Jordan was at flood stage. Often when God leads us to do something, it feels impossible and over whelming. I knew nothing about how to begin a blog and felt certain I had nothing of any worth to offer.

On the other hand, when He asks us to do something, God is always at work in the background to make it happen. In Josh 3:16 we read that God piled the waters in a heap, a great distance away, out of sight from the Israelites. Even as I began exploring the idea of doing a blog, I was given the opportunity to help an organization with their publicity email for an annual event. This helped me begin to feel comfortable with on-line publishing.

In Josh 4:1-5, twelve men had to go back and get stones. Sometimes God has more planned than we expected. I thought this was something He just asked me to do. But I find He is leading in a different direction and there will be at least two of us writing posts.

In Josh 4:6-9 we learn that not only were these stones used to build a memorial of what God had done that day, but Joshua went back and set up twelve stones at the place where the priests were standing. God wants us to remember what He’s done and share our story. And he wants us to tell others of His faithfulness in our life, even as we stand in the middle of a trial.

Josh 4:10-11 tells us the priests were the last to step out of the riverbed. They had to stand there until the whole nation hurried past them. Then everyone watched as they came across.  Sometimes God asks us to be the first one to do something, to lead in a new direction. Sometimes He just asks us to do something new to us. And it may seem like we have to stand in the riverbed for a very long time, while people are hurrying past and watching, maybe even waiting for us to fail.

According to Josh 4:18, when the priests stepped out onto the bank the river returned to flood. There was no going back. Once we begin a journey of obedience, we need to keep going forward. We’re not to be looking back and thinking of quitting.

Perhaps God is asking you to do something new that seems overwhelmingly hard. It may be to try a new direction in ministry; or to let go of something from the past, forgiving someone for a great hurt they’ve done to you; or to humble yourself and apologize for a wrong you’ve done someone else. Perhaps you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy-alone; or your aging parents need more and more of your time and energy; or maybe you are facing life as a single person for the first time in many years. The list is endless.

Whatever He is asking, I hope you will ask God to help you be strong and courageous – to have the faith to get your feet wet – and trust God to hold the water back.

Just the Teacups


by Rita Klundt

Aimee talked mostly of the Teacups during our two day drive. She had seen, from a photo, something in the faces of her older brother and sister that made going to Disney World a goal since she was two years old. What was it about sitting in oversized buckets painted like fancy teacups that kept her dream alive for a lifetime? I still don’t know, but three years is a lifetime of anticipation according to any five year old.

It’s a mild ride. No seat belts. No fear. Only music and smiles. Aimee had been promised the wheel. She would be allowed to control how fast we would spin, or if we would spin at all.

“I can’t wait to ride the Teacups.”

“No. No. You’ve got to go on Magic Mountain!”

She wasn’t the least bit excited about roller coastering in the dark. She cupped her hands over her ears, refusing to listen to her brother’s advice.

“I just want to ride the Teacups.”

“I’ll take you to Typhoon Lagoon. It will be a blast!” Her sister’s promise of protection was ineffective.

“I just want to ride the Teacups.”

The previous two days had been spent in my compact car, with three kids continuously requesting salty food, sweet drinks, and bathroom stops. How many tanks of gas? Eight days of hotel room stays had been reserved on my credit card. Two weeks of grocery money was handed over to a teenager in a booth so we could walk through a gate. I was already perspiring, and the sun had barely climbed over the trees on the horizon.

Then I got it. With acres of theme park attractions and rides promising take her to the edge of the earth, Aimee wanted nothing more than a three minute ride in the slow moving teacups she’d seen in a photo.

What had I sacrificed to give my precious daughter the thrill of her short little lifetime?

She took my hand and pulled me through the turnstile. The four of us stood, amazed by our options, but the decision was easy. We followed our map to The Teacups.

That was in 1989. Aimee ended up riding not only the Teacups, but every other ride in the park where she met the height requirements. Some of the rides required her to stand extra tall or add some tip to her toes, but it was worth it. We had a fantastic vacation.

Over the past few years, a desire to write words that inspire and tell stories to encourage has become a simple pleasure and a hobby. No other hobby has caused me to save, plan, or sacrifice like my newfound adventure into writing. More importantly, everything involved in the process of writing, reminds me of all the riches provided to me from a most-loving, heavenly Father.

Preparing this, my first post for Wet Feet, caused me to feel some of what Aimee must have felt when she heard the music and gazed at the substance of her dream for the first time. Kathy Stanford, my friend and partner in this adventure, has pulled me through the turnstile where I stand amazed.

Read: Psalm 104:24

Until next time:
1. Can you name two things Jesus sacrificed to give you good things?
2. Do you prefer to ride slow and be in control, or do you tend to look for the thrill rides?
3. Can you recall a time where God clearly provided a way for you to reach a goal, fulfill a desire, or be thrilled by an experience?

Lord, I want to experience all of your riches. Remind me to look beyond my simple desires at your many amazing works. Help me to keep my eyes and my dreams focused on You. Amen.